Friday, September 11, 2009

Scary but fun

What is it?! Everyone knew but me and I took Grace down a path for an innocent walk and this is what we saw. I freaked out, grabbed her and ran back to camp. Everyone acted like nothing happened and told me it was a bear. I was confused they would let me take Grace anywhere near wildlife.
Beautiful views away from the wildlife.
4 wheel ride. I think Paul looks like Jon from Jon and Kate plus 8. He hasn't worn his hat like that since.
Grace spent every second loving those puppies. It makes me melt how she snuggles them. We had baby puppies and a 2 month old baby boy on this trip. Baby Nathan broke Graces record of going camping on lake powell at 3 months. She slept in the open air/canopy and Nathan slept in a trailer, but he was a premie too. It's too bad they weren't young at the same time.
AAAHHHHH. It was just a bull. We still all took off when he started coming closer.

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