Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camping in Salina Canyon

I was looking through all of our vacations this summer and realized that I missed part of the first vacation. We spend Pioneer day weekend at Accord Lake with the Thorntons. As always, it was filled with nature, 4 wheeling, rain and more food than we eat in a week. This year they also had trailers so some got to take showers, you know who you are!
Grace loved to be in charge of the lantern and the remote control. We had so much fun playing in the tent. I hope she remembers these fun times and if not-we have pictures.
My sassy girl in her only long sleeve shirt. I'm glad I found that out before winter comes.
Please no pictures.
Oh, the puppies. She spent every second of their waking lives holding, kissing, petting, squeezing and loving them half to death. More about the puppies later.

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