Sunday, March 1, 2009

Update on Grace's sleeping habits

She is back to normal with the sleeping thank goodness. But last monday she had a mysterious body rash so I took her to the doctor. The tests came back negative for strep and the rash went away on it's own. Problems A and B solved? Yes, But, a week later I get a call and another test they ran came back with muccusacaucus (or something like that) in the nose. It's completely unrelated to the rash and strep and now she is on mocksamillion for problem C. They say that's why she didn't sleep those few nights and that is why I'm sharing this update. She had no other symptoms other than the rash which wasn't even a symptom of that. I think that's weird. No runny nose, cough, fever... I guess I'm glad for the rash that took us to the doctor so they could find the bacteria. Sorry for the long drawn out update. Well, this one is more like an email.
Cheerio, keep in touch, write back, take care,

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Kristin said...

Oh my gosh, that is so weird! It is a good thing you went to the doctor. For a rash I probably would have just waited it out. Good thing you have better instincts than me! :) Love ya girlie! Miss you!