Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Losing Battle

As I write this, Grace is screaming at the top of her lungs. But it is past 10 pm and last night she won and kept me up til 3 am!!!!! So I'm keeping positive and can't sleep with the hours (o.k. minutes, but it feels like days) of screaming so I'm blogging. I keep going in every 15-30 minutes and tucking her in. I gave her motrin this last time and it looks like cheaters might have prospered this time. Here are cute pictures of her to remind us of the good times.She walks in on her runway strutting this little necklace and her hood up.

She clicks the mouse and points like she knows what she's doing. It's so cute to me. She does do stuff, like change my screen saver and erase all my bookmarks.

My nail artist Jamie was so nice and painted Grace's nails. I love her for giving my girl her first "manicure". She painted them pink, of course.

What's that I hear? I think I won tonight! 1 hr 20 mins later, she is quiet. All it takes is a real good screamfest to get ya ready for bed and some blogging to get your mind off of it until it's over. Well, now I can go try to brush my teeth quietly so I don't wake her.

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