Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Easter was so fun. She had so much fun with the plastic eggs. She would take them out of the basket and then act suprised to see an empty basket.
She points and then babbles like she is explaining something to us. She loves to point and expect us to take her to what she is pointing to.
I'm so mean. I didn't let her touch the eggs. It was way too messy. I tried it this year and never again. The dye spilt everywhere and now our table is tinted blue. If we try next year, we'll be naked in the front yard in case we spill.

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Emett Family said...

Grace is getting so big. I love her cute picture of her pointing at what she wants. Isn't it amazing that although small they are totally in charge? I stumbled across your blog and am so happy that I did. Email me at shellwar@hotmail.com so I can send you an invite to see our blog too! This is Shellie your old neighbor....