Friday, April 16, 2010

So much fun with socks

First she learns to put on her own socks.Then moves on to my white socks. The fun is just beginning.

I turn around and she has on my duckie socks and is having a ball.
She runs away, but is laughing to hard to get far.
All I have to do is say "pose pretty for the camera" and she stops and poses.
I love the hand on the hip. She is too cool to always look at the camera and had to do a wardrobe change. I love this one. She gets creative and comes up with all the poses. I love that she thought to put her arm on the bed and put her leg up. This one's going on the fridge.
I hear this little "help" coming from my bedroom. She somehow got herself in between the bed and the frame.
As punishment she had to wait until I got the camera and took several pictures from several viewpoints. I'm such a mean mom!

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