Thursday, September 24, 2009

2nd verse, same as the first!

Tahlia wanted pictures of the rodeo queens. It's hard to get them standing still.

Don't ask why I didn't zoom. I don't know why???
Oh my goshhhh. The wind picked up and it rained and it was so exciting. A lot of people left, so we had more leg room. Hats blew off. Blankets blew off. It was a hot wind if you were dry and a super cold wind if you were wet. It sure made the time fly by though.
Luckily we brought 3 blankets. One for our bums, one for over us and one for Gracie. She hates wind in her face...

But then saw how fun it could be and enjoyed it. **Deep thought coming alert** She always takes my reaction. If she is unsure how to react, she looks at me and mimics. Once something scared me at first and she was totally scared until I started laughing and then she laughed. That is such a lesson in life for me, I can make a difference because people follow me (o.k. one toddler). Also, Grace is looking to me to set the mood and I hope I always choose a good attitude. I still remember the people that my mom or dad didn't like and talked about them. It sometimes affected my opinion of them. I so will try to be really cautious, and only talk about people behind their back and Gracie's back, lol.

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Kristin said...

Hahahahahahaha!!!!! That is too funny!!! BTW, sorry I haven't called you yet. I swear I'll call you soon!!!