Saturday, May 24, 2008

Danielle's Top 10

TAG-Your Turn! I was tagged by Heather's list of top 10 best things about being a mommy. So here are my top 10: In no particular order: Should the winner not be able to fulfill her duties the runner-up will take her place:
1. Watching her grow and getting to "blog" about it.
2. Watching her shake her booty to any beat.
3. Petting zoos, bounce houses and slides now let me in.
4. Animal crackers are now my favorite snack. Costco brand.
5. Playdates at the park. We are both butterflies.
6. Hammock time and pillow fights.
7. Built in excuse to be late,
although most times nature has called her if you know what I mean.
8. Crank calls she makes early in the morning from my phone-sorry ya'll.
9. Hours of tickling.
10. I'm bringing sexy back with the splattered green bean puree look.
Green is in-right?


Hanna said...

Danielle, you are so fun! I love your blog, it's so cute. And I love some of the comments you make, they make me laugh so hard! It just brings me back to the good ol' days...... The days before these good ol' days. :)

Walker Babble said...

crazy fun reading all you new post ^..^